Have been a while

Whew… Been too busy as a school teacher…hahahahaha

We were required to prepare online lessons.  And everything and everyone were  first timers on this new working space.

Aside from this page.  I was also designated as a care taker of the school website…. http://www.pomgrammar.ac.pg – the Port Moresby Grammar School official website.  I was too busy with that site.

As i promise my grade 12 ICT students here are the links to download the previous PNG annual ICT national exams.  To my ICT grade 12, please have a look at the different questions….. take note of some that you need to bring up during our discussions in school….

2013 ICT Exam

2014 ICT Exam

2015 ICT Exam

2016 ICT Exam

2017 ICT Exam

2018 ICT Exam


21 May T2W3 Full Swing School

With an almost 90% attendance, the school is coming back to life.

You can check the school’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/POMGrammar/

With grade 11 ICT, we just finished the Input Output Device Module with a module test yesterday. At the moment, we are working on three (3) modules at the same time. The Computer Math & Logic Module (in classroom sessions), Advanced Word-processing and Introduction to Excel VBA macro (in Laboratory sessions).

With grade 12 ICT, we just finished the OSI Reference Model Module with a module test yesterday. With this module, some assignments are yet to be collected.  Grade 12 ICT students please submit these.


5 May Yesterday Students were back


Yesterday was like a new start of the school year with some new procedures in place.

There was the usual numerous teachers greeting the students on their way to the school gate.

However, some teachers were holding on to spray bottles with alcohol based hand sanitizers and laser thermometers. Students were queuing up (maintaining ‘social’ distance from each other) to get their hands sanitized and be checked for fever.

At the start of the day, the principal briefed the whole school of the new norm. She reminded us about general personal hygiene and social distancing.

The day went on seemingly alright. Teachers were so busy implementing the new procedures. The common areas (canteen, library, quadrangle and laboratories) were closely monitored. There are hand sanitizers around the places.

Student attendance may I say is not that many perhaps 50% came to school yesterday.

The day ended on time.

Our hope is high that we continue on toward normalization of things…. Thank God.

25 Apr Update for ICT students

How are you? I hope you and your family are good and fine.

By this time you must be busy with all the resources from your teachers. I hope you did not have trouble downloading them from http://soe20.pomgrammar.ac.pg. If you did, you can email postoffice@pomgrammar.ac.pg. Please indicate the details of the link that is not working (the whole link texts/label) which includes the grade level, subject, teacher and other suffixes.

There are now pages (on Menu page) for both grade 11 and 12 ICT. On those pages are reading materials, some activities and links to YouTube videos. Please read the materials, do the activities and watch the videos. There will be quizzes and tests when you finally come to school. You can put submit work / papers on an envelope, label it with your grade, subject and teachers name then drop it by the school reception area (M-F morning).

I have created a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pomgrammar for the school. You must visit it from time to time. The principal is actively posting in there – much more than on the school website. I also have created Messenger Group 2020PMGSGr11ICT and 2020PMGSGr12ICT.  If you need to ask something or seek discussion with me or your classmate STRICTLY about the posted materials, this can be a platform we can utilize.

I will try my best to update this blog site at least twice(2) a week.

Meanwhile, please let me feel your presence by emailing me back to ithead@pomgrammar.ac.pg or better yet click on those Messenger Group links, join the group and do not forget – if you are using name other than i used to know you, introduce yourself or make a real profile picture.

That’s for now, I hope this blog will be of great use to us.

Wash hands often with soap and water… Sneeze under your elbows or cover with tissue… Practice proper social distancing … Keep safe everyone …



2020 PMGS SOE Homework1 for ICT11 and ICT12

So we (teachers) were told to provide materials to our students during the nationwide PNG State Of Emergency due to COVID19 pandemic.

Homework materials were posted on the school website to be downloaded.  That is the fastest way for parents to download the materials for their kids.

But my Grade 11 and 12 Information Communication Technology students are no longer kid.  The opportunity for them to navigate the internet to locate resources is something I won’t deny.  I hope their parents will agree with me.

So please parents, let your sons and daughters download the materials themselves if internet is available to them.  Most likely if they have a decent smart phone, they can.

For my grown up ICT students here is an introduction to this blog. Have a read. On the Menu tab of this site, you must see the page you belong to. Start from there.  Remember you can email me at ithead@pomgrammar.ac.pg for inquiries and assistance.

However, if you are a parent and you need to download the materials right away, here are links you can try.



Blogging starts …

From today, i will officially start updating this blog site.

The COVID-19 global pandemic made us to distance ourselves from each other.  And this has a lasting effect on how we do business.

Due to the dire need to ‘connect’ to students – who were told by the government to stay away from school for sometime, we in school have initiated ways to reconnect to our students. This I hope would be just a ‘remedy’. We are looking forward to fully utilize the school website and the internet for online lessons. And I am just doing that, thanks to WordPress for this free blogging site.

To my ICT students, this blog site will be our platform for sometime. I will be meeting you here and be giving links to Dropbox folders for your learning resources. You can find your page on the Menu tab.

However, we still hope to see our students in our school grounds. We are missing the laughter and fun.